A cane and pick-up tool in one!

Helping Hand Cane with Hand
Pressure Grabber !

The Helping Hand Cane gives back cane users their independence, time, and most important - their safety!
The grabber with the Helping Hand Cane is always ready to help you. Because of its unique, one-handed operation, the user never loses the use of their cane! You do not need to use continuous hand pressure on the grabber to pick up an item. To use the Helping Hand Cane grabber, place your fingers underneath the finger grip and push down on the top of the plunger with your palm to extend the claw to pick up an item. When you release the plunger, the claw closes so that the grip on the item is firm and secure and will not release until you push on the plunger again. With the Helping Hand Cane, just one push of the plunger picks up an item and one push releases it. The Helping Hand Cane is perfect for the person who no longer wishes to struggle to pick up things by hand, risk a fall, or rely on someone else to help.