Avoid dizziness and falls
Never be without your "Grabber" again
with the amazing Helping Hand Cane!


Cane users everywhere are transforming their confidence, safety, and independence with the Helping Hand Cane!


Every year more than 1 million seniors are hospitalized because of falls. Of those, 500,000 will die within the first year of the fall, 700,000 will lose their independence, and 50,000 will die outright. Reduce your chances of falling and regain your independence with the Helping Hand Cane!


How the Helping Hand Cane came to be...

Barbara Wood, inventor of the Helping Hand Cane and a Parkinson's patient herself, knew many folks who used a cane but also noticed something puzzling. Most of them had some sort of "grabber" or "pick-up device" around, so they wouldn't have to bend over to pick up things from the floor. Sadly, the grabber was rarely anywhere near the cane user when they needed it, risking dizziness and a fall.

It became obvious that if a "pick-up device" was not nearby, it was basically useless! That's when Barbara had the idea for the Helping Hand Cane. Her invention means a pick-up device is always available, ready for you to use whenever and wherever you need it.

The Helping Hand Cane is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to use. For a complete list of specifications, please see the Specs page.



Here's what people are saying about the
Helping Hand Cane...

“I’ve been introduced to the Helping Hand Cane... and I would highly recommend it for elderly patients who have an issue with their balance and getting up and down.”
— — Dr. Charles Hasbrook - Indianapolis, IN
“We were really impressed with the way the Helping Hand Cane was helpful for our Seniors who have trouble bending over even with the use of their cane.”
— — Retha - Durable Medical Equipment Store Manager

Helping Hand Cane is lightweight, adjustable, and easy to use.